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ACQuiescent-Strom Bedeutung und Stromverbrauch berechnen (Elektronik)

verfasst von Manuel, 16.10.2021, 01:15 Uhr

Hallo, :)
möchte den Stromverbrauch eines Timers berechnen.

Hier die Technischen Daten:

Conditon: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Loop Timing Module
Material: Plastic
Color: As Pictures ShownSize: Approx. 8.0 x 3.8 x 1.9cm/3.1 x 1.5 x 0.7inWorking Voltage: 6-30V support micro USB 5.0V power supply

Trigger Signal Source:
High level trigger (3.0V-24V), low level trigger (0.0V-0.2V), switch control (passive switch)
Output Capability: Control devices within 30V 5A DC or within 220V 5A ACQuiescent Current: 15mA Working Current: 50mAService Life: More than 100,000 timesWorking Temperature: -40-85 ℃

Timing Range:
0.01 seconds (minimum) - 9999 minutes (maximum) continuously adjustableHow to Choose the Timing Range:
In the OP/CL parameter modification interface, short press the STOP button to select the timing range;
XXXX has no decimal point, and the timing range is 1s - 9999s
XXX.X Decimal point in the tenth place, timing range 0.1s - 999.9s
XX.XX Decimal point is in the hundredth place, timing range 0.01s - 99.99s
X.X.X.X full decimal point, timing range 1min - 9999minFor example, if you want to set the OP to 3.2 seconds, then move the decimal point to the ten, the LCD display 003.2Parameter Description: OP on time, CL off time, LOP cycle times (1-9999 times, "----" represents infinite cycles)

Remote data upload and parameter setting function:
The system supports UART data upload and parameter setting function (TTL level);

Nur verstehe ich den unterschied nicht zwischen: ACQuiescent Current und Working Current

Könnt ihr mir diesen erklären?

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